Composite sheet CS48-36-750

Ruukki’s Composite profile CS48-36-750 is intended to be used as reinforcement in concrete slabs. During casting the sheet works as formwork, Steelcomp can be used as a ceiling surface beneath the slab due to its aesthetic design; and therefore, a suspended ceiling is not necessary needed.


  • Office construction
  • Public construction
  • Industrial construction
  • Warehouse construction
  • Renovation construction

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    Model name
    Composite sheet CS48-36-750
    Product code
    48 mm
    Width of crown
    36 mm
    Effective width
    750 mm
    Minimum length
    400 mm
    Maximum Length
    12000 mm
    Quality control
    Factory production control according to EN 1090-1 and EN 1090-4
    Dimensions and shape according to EN 1090-4, material thickness according to EN 10143
    CE Marking
    Execution class
    EXC1, EXC2, EXC3
    Material thickness (mm) Steel grade Zinc (g/m2) Surface treatment Corrosion class, interior Corrosion class, exterior Colours  Weight (kg/m2)
    0.7 S350 Z275 Galvanized C2 - 9.16
    0.9 S350 Z275 Galvanized  C2 - 11.78 
    0.9 S350 Z275 Polyester C3 C3 RR20 11.78
    1.1  S350  Z275  Galvanized  C2 - 14.39 
    1.1  S350  Z275  Polyester C3  C3 RR20  14.39 
    Note: The reverse sides of the colour coated sheets are painted as standard with 2-layer grey backside coating
    Accessories for load bearing sheets include e.g. flashings, fasteners, gaskets and sealing flanges. These accessories ensure fast assembly, fastening reliability, joint tightness.
    Design tools
    To make both architectural and structural design work easier, with accurate product information in 3D form, we offers a selection of CAD / BIM -objects and software tools, to be downloaded from the Software Toolbox portal.

    Dimensioning software ComSlab

    The software is meant to be used as a design tool for Ruukki´s SteelComp composite slabs. The complete capacity verification for a composite slab can be done, including also design for fire exposure. The user can optimise the construction during the design and select the cost-optimal composite slab for each application.

    Download ComSlab

    Detail drawing (.dwg)

    Detail drawing (.pdf)

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    Declaration of performance